Kinder Egg toys ‘may be choking hazard’ for child workforce

Kinder are to investigate reports that its products may be a choking risk for its child workforce.

Toys for Kinder’s chocolate eggs are packaged by a Romanian contractor, which is alleged to be employing children young enough to choke on the small pieces.

A Kinder Egg spokesman said: “We have very strict labelling to make it clear that our toys are a choking hazard for young children.

“Obviously if one of our contractors is using children to assemble toys in our supply chain we will investigate immediately.

“We’re delighted that our contractor is offering poor Romanian children a chance to stand on their own two feet, or in the case of the youngsters, crawl.

“But we must insist on a child-friendly working environment.”

The spokesman added: “Kids love chocolate, maybe they could mix up the chocolate instead? Or wrap the eggs in the shiny, shiny foil?

“The children could then use the 22p an hour they earn to buy age-appropriate toys, or to buy food for their starving families, or whatever.”

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