Statistical journalism

This page contains a few examples of my work for IDS Pay Report between 2008 and 2015. This was a specialist journal and website providing original research, news and analysis on pay, benefits and industrial relations.

The longer-form writing for the website and journal was contained in an analysis section, and consisted of feature-length articles on aspects of pay & reward. These could include summaries of our own primary research, analysis of official data, or overviews of a particular topic, among many other things. A few pdfs of articles are published below, mainly features. The articles are reproduced with the permission of Thomson Reuters, which retains the copyright.

Bonus deferrals hide 4% payout rise in 2012/13
Understanding reward: making sense of official data
One step back – ONS data shows gender pay gap widening
Economic forecasts – gospel or guesswork
Public sector pay rates and the National Minimum Wage
Public and private sector earnings: fact and fiction
Comparing pay settlements and earnings growth
Pay awards in 2014 cluster around 2.5%
Gender pay gap narrows but social pay gap widens
Oxford City Council opts out of national bargaining
Viewpoint: inflation and incentive pay

The article above on the supposed public-private pay gap was cited frequently by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in its own subsequent work on the topic, and provided a basis for a lot of other work undertaken by IDS. The culmination of this debate was a lengthy report undertaken on behalf of the trade union Unison, which I and several other colleagues put together.

This blog post and a linked news piece and subsequent feature became part of a wider debate on the topic of companies deferring bonuses to avoid the top rate of income tax.

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