About me


My name is Jon Taylor, and I’m a writer, journalist, editor and occasional comedian. I’ve set up this site to host some of the stuff I’ve written, both in a professional capacity and for my own amusement.

In the section headed ‘Statistical Journalism‘ you can find articles I wrote during my last job, as a researcher/writer and later assistant editor on a publication called IDS Pay Report. These are features and news pieces on pay and reward, industrial relations, the UK labour market and other economic indicators. They were written for a professional, trade union and academic audience.

The other sections are much less serious and contain blogs and other bits and pieces I’ve written outside of work. Most of these are jokey, some are a bit sweary or contentious, and very few are meant to be taken seriously, so please don’t be offended by anything in this section. All views expressed are mine alone, and sometimes not even that. You can probably guess what’s in the section titled ‘Blog‘ – if you can’t, there’s very little I can do for you. New bits will be posted there, and I’ll try to keep it updated. The section headed ‘Older Bits of Writing‘ hosts a few things I wrote before starting this site. The ‘Fiction‘ section is empty for now. It’s where the puffin lives.

Twitter: @jonnalism_uk

Email: jonnalism@gmail.com

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